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  • When our drinking water gets contaminated, it invites diseases such as ______.

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  • If water is left still in a container for a long period of time then solid dirt settles to the bottom which is known as ______.

    none of the answers are correct
    clean water
  • Air pollution causes ______.

    heart diseases
    all the answers are correct
    foot ache
    hearing power
  • Which one is the method of controlling noise pollution?

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    Green belts should be where there is high is high level of noises.
    Waste materials should be disposed properly.
    Industrialization and urbanization should be well managed.
  • What is the full form of SODIS?

    Solid Water Dilection System
    Solar Water Disinfection System
    Sodis Water Disinfection System
    Solid Wave Disinfection System
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