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  • The first stage, in which humans are supposed to have begun their life is called______ 

    old stone age
    industrial age
    agricultural age
    hunting age
  • Stone age begun________

    3 million years ago
    1 million years ago
    2 million years ago
    4 million years ago
  • In stone age, human used to live in______

    jungle and caves
  • In which stage, stone was their main weapon?

    Agricultural stage
    Hunting stage
    Stone stage
    Industrial stage
  • In which stage, people learned to cultivate crops and started eating food ?

    Hunting stage
    Industrial stage
    Agricultural stage
    Stone stage
  •  In which stage, the development of transportation and communication changed the life of people ?

    Modern stage
    Agricultural stage
    Stone stage
    Hunting stage
  • People live long, prosperous and happy life in___________

    modern stage
    hunting stage
    agricultural stage
    stone stage
  • People started constructing roads to make their life easier in_______

    agricultural society
    industrial society
    modern society
    hunting society
  • _____is the place where we live in.

  • In ___________, people started domesticating animals and kill animals at anytime they choose for meat.

    Hunting society
    Agriculture society
    Industrial society
    Modern society
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