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  • The process of collecting, recording, preserving, utilizing and disposing official documents in a systematic manner is called ______.

    record keeping
    record collecting
    record searching
    record utilizing
  • The government of Nepal has established a separate office maintain the record of national importance which is known as ______.

    Rastriya Abhilekhalaya
    Rastriya Abhiyan
    Rananiti Abhilekhalaya
    Rajniti Abhilekhalaya
  • "Record keeping is concerned with the creation, distribution, maintenance, retention, preservation, retrieval and disposal of written materials." Who gave this definition?

    J.R. Batliboi
    James Thompson
    L.H. Haney
    S.P. Arora
  • " Record refers to informational document utilized by an organization to carry out its various functions." Who gave this definition?

    L.H Haney
    Z.K Quibble
    S.P. Arora
  • Record keeping is the basis for ______ the activities of the organization.

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