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  • Virtual space created by computers networks , internet and telecommunication is called________.

    cyber law
    digital Signature
    cyber Space
    cyber Crime
  • When was cyber law established in Nepal?

    30th Chaitra, 2060 B.S
    30th Bhadra, 2060 B.S
    30th Chaitra, 2061 B.S
    30th Bhadra , 2061 B.S
  • Which of the following does not fall under areas of cyber law?

    Data Management
    Telecommunication Law
    Digital Signature
    Data Protection
  • A __________ is the digital identity of the sender that uniquely identifies the particular sender electronically.

    cyber space
    digital signature
    computer crime
  • Which of the following statement is correct for cracker?

    A cracker is internationally gaining unauthorized access to an important system.
    A cracker is the technology process that entails the emission , transmission and reception of signals , representing symbol , text , images etc .
    A cracker is a computer user who attempts a break into copyright software or an information system .
    A cracker is virtual space created by computers networks , internet and telecommunication
  • A generic term that is concern with the legal and regulatory aspect of internet and computer technology is called ______.

    Cyber law
    Copyright law
    Computer crime
    Cyber crime
  • Cyber law encompasses laws relating to _______.

    Cyber crime law
    Telecommunication law
    All of them
    Digital signature law
  • A criminal activity within the information technology infrastructure is ______.

    digital crime
    intellectual infrastructure
    cyber law
    cyber crime
  • The term computer crime refers to _______.

    all of them
    information theft
  • Cyber law of Nepal was enacted in Nepal in _____.

  • The common name for the crime of stealing password is:

    identity theft
  • Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is known:

    identity theft
  • The law that provides a legal framework to facilitate and safeguard electronic transaction in the electronic medium is:

    Digital signature law
    Intellectual property law
    None of them
    Telecommunication law
  • Creating strong computer security to prevent computer crime is :

    personal ethics
    privacy rights
    antivirus policy
    firewall policy
  • Most common tool used to prevent access to a computer system is :

    user login
    computer keys
    access control software
  • Hardware /software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as:

    anti hacker server
    hacker programs
    hacker wall
  • Monitoring and implementation of cyber act in Nepal is done by:

    Ministry of technology
  • __________is the moral principal that regulates the use of computers.

    Cyber crime law
    Cyber crime
    Cyber act
    Cyber ethics
  • Property right given for computer software sources code is known as:

    digital signature act
    cyber act
    copyright act
    intellectual property act
  • Fraud that involves copying another persons intellectual property and presenting it as if it is your own ___________.

    information theft
    all of them
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