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  • Depreciation is a ______ decline in the value of fixed assets due to wear and tear or passage of time. 

    All the options are correct
  •  Depreciation is the permanent and continuing diminution in the quality, quantity or value of an asset. Who gave this definition?

    J.R batiliboi
    S.P Arora
    L.H. Hanry
    William Pickles
  •  The allocation of the original cost of plant, property and equipment to the particular periods or products that benefit from the utilization of assets. Whose saying is this?

    C.T. Horngren
    A.N. Anthony
    William Pickles
    L.H. Hanry
  • Which one of them is the feature of depreciation?

    Wear and tear
    All the options are correct
    Elapse of time
  • Which one of them is the need for providing depreciation?

    Reporting true financial position
    Paying fair taxes
    All the options are correct
    Ascertaining true profits
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