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  • The body of passengers are thrust forward when the bus hits brake. Which law of Newton's Motion does it follow?

    4th law
    2nd law
    3rd law
    1st law
  • Which object has more inertia and why?

    Bowling ball. Because it is not moving.
    Soccer ball. Because it has a greater volume than the bowling ball.
    Bowling ball. Because it is more massive
    Soccer ball. Because it is moving with a high velocity.
  • Which of the following statements is true about friction?

    Static friction is less than kinetic friction.
    Friction never opposes the motion or attempted motion
    Friction always opposes the motion or attempted motion.
    Friction exists only when an object is in motion.
  • ___________is the property of a body by virtue of which it maintains or tends to maintain its direction of motion unless unbalanced forces act on it.

    Inertia of gravity
    Inertia of Motion
    Inertia of rest
    Inertia of direction
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