Centre for Rural Technology, Nepal, water mills in Himalayas - Ashden Award winner

Rural Technology, Nepal, has focused on improving traditional water mills used for centuries by farming communities in the Himalayas. There are over 25,000 of these mills in Nepal that use the power of running water to grind grain into flour. Unfortunately, they can no longer produce enough energy to meet local demand, resulting in a rise in the number of diesel-powered mills. The water mills are also extremely hard work to operate and millers often work 12 hours a day in order to make a living. Since 2003, CRT/Nepal has intensified work to upgrade the water mills making them more efficient and capable of providing other services such as electricity generation and paddy hulling. This video can be downloaded here: http://www.ashdenawards.org/winners/crt CRT/N won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2007.

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