Laprak is one of the most densely populated Gurung village among the 66 VDCs in Gorkha district.Its traditional dances like Rhodhi, Ghantu , Manruni, Jhankri and Lama dance are typical feature. The neighbors vilages of Laprak are Barpak, Gumda, Lapu and Uyia. They have their own culture. The number of pupulation in the villages around Dharche region is assumed 30,0000. Among these numbers about 5000 people lives in Laprak As there is trend of making newness in everything like New Nepal, New village etc. They are interested to change their Job. So some farmers, students and some adults are starting to read books and newspaper in the library. Lama dance and Ghantu dance are the most interesting traditional festival. People believe both in buddhism and hinduism. They have their own mother tongue.

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